Water Balancing with Perfect Balance

SpaGuard Perfect Balance is a phosphate buffering product designed to help stabilise pH in spas. This buffer maintains the pH in the proper 7.4 – 7.6 range and softens water through removal of calcium. Perfect Balance is formulated to prevent corrosion by use of phosphates instead of calcium.

Frequent pH adjustment is not necessary if the spa is using Perfect Balance. Depending on the type of sanitiser used, the pH may drift occasionally and will need adjustment. Brominating Tablets tend to rapidly decrease the pH and substantially shorten the life of Perfect Balance. A hand-fed sanitiser is recommended.

Perfect Balance will react with and drop out virtually all calcium and magnesium in the water. This will cloud the water temporarily. Most of the cloudiness will be removed by the filter. Operate the pump for 24 hours and then clean the filter. With hardness almost eliminated, scale build-up is no longer a problem. Corrosion is not a concern because Perfect Balance is formulated with corrosion inhibitors.

Before applying Perfect Balance:

For the product to work most effectively, the total alkalinity must be balanced. If the total alkalinity of the fill water is higher than 150 ppm and the pH is above 7.6, lower the total alkalinity according to ALEX recommendations. Perfect Balance will raise the total alkalinity, and if it is not adjusted, it makes it more difficult for the product to work effectively. If the total alkalinity is 40 ppm or lower, the Perfect Balance will not compensate enough, and it will be necessary to increase the TA slightly. Follow ALEX recommendations for raising the alkalinity.

It is EXTREMELY important that the heater is not on when Perfect Balance is added. The heater should be off and remain turned off until the water has cleared completely. If the heater is on when the product is applied, the calcium precipitate can form scale build-up on the heater and clog it.

Application instructions:

  1. Add 500 mL of Perfect Balance per 1,000 litres for every 150 ppm Calcium Hardness. The water will cloud after Perfect Balance is added. This is the calcium falling out of solution.
  2. Wait 24 hours between the addition of each 500 mL per 1,000 litres to add another dose.
  3. Clean the filter after each 24-hour period.

NOTE: A small percentage of the precipitate may be too fine to be removed by the filter and may produce a low calcium reading of 15 to 40 ppm.

Maintaining the spa on Perfect Balance:

The use of low pH sanitisers such as Brominating Tablets will result in a more rapid loss of the buffering capacity of Perfect Balance than the concentrates. Periodic adjustments to pH and total alkalinity with the low pH products may be necessary.

Since the hardness is eliminated, balancing the Langelier Saturation Index is not required with Perfect Balance. The water analysis software will not calculate the LSI if the chemical profile reflects the use of Perfect Balance.

Perfect Balance should be reapplied every 60 days if the spa is not drained. It is not for use in concrete spas or spas with tiled surfaces.