Storm Damage

Storms can wreak havoc on swimming pools. Often there is more mess than damage, but it can be difficult to tell with a pool full of leaves, tree branches and debris. Follow the instructions below to get the pool to a point where it can be ascertained whether any surface damage has occurred.

  1. Remove all solid debris from pool.
  2. Drain down any excess water from pool or top-up your water level if there was substantial water loss.
  3. Use Power Floc per label directions and vacuum to waste.
  4. Circulate pool for 24 hours and then test pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness. Adjust as needed.
  5. Add 2 bags of Burn Out Extreme per 50,000 litres through the skimmer.
  6. Circulate for 24 hours. Monitor the free chlorine residual during this time to ensure you can hold a 1.5 – 3.0 ppm level. Add Lite, Burn Out Extreme or Burn Out 35 as needed to maintain this level.
  7. Use Filter Brite following label directions.
  8. Once the pool is clear, have a pool professional check for any remaining damage.