SpaGuard Perfect Balance

SpaGuard Perfect Balance is a phosphate buffer that maintains a stable, comfortable pH in spas. Perfect Balance softens the water by removing calcium. Its built-in corrosion inhibitors protect the equipment so you can enjoy the easy maintenance of softened water. Do not use in concrete or tiled spas.

To use Perfect Balance:

  1. Drain and clean the spa surface with Off The Wall Surface Cleaner.
  2. Clean the filter with SpaGuard Filter Brite.
  3. Refill with fresh water.
  4. IMPORTANT: Leave the heater off before and during the addition of Perfect Balance.
  5. If the Total Alkalinity is greater than 150 ppm and the pH is higher than 7.6, use Lo’N’Slo to lower the pH to 7.4.
  6. If the calcium hardness is less than 150 ppm, add 500 mL of Perfect Balance per 1,000 litres. If the calcium hardness is greater than 150 ppm, add an extra 40 mL per 1,000 litres for every 10 ppm of calcium hardness above 150 ppm.
  7. After Perfect Balance is added, the water may become cloudy. This is the calcium falling out of solution. The filter will remove it, but will need to be rinsed frequently.

The pH should remain stable for up to 60 days. If the spa has not been drained after 60 days add an additional 500 mL of Perfect Balance per 1,000 litres.

If Perfect Balance is used in a system with Brominating Tablets, the life of Perfect Balance is severely reduced. Brominating Concentrate or Chlorinated Concentrate are recommended.