Spa Metals

Copper and iron in spa water can discolour water or stain the surface. Metals can sometimes enter spas through fill water, or, more often, through corrosion of the heater in the spa itself. Add Stain & Scale Control according to ALEX instructions to chelate metals in the water. Quick Clear may be used on the filter to aid in the removal of metals.

To prevent the introduction of metals due to equipment corrosion, maintain proper water balance according to ALEX recommendations. These recommendations will vary depending on spa type, and whether or not the spa is using Perfect Balance.

Staining on spa surfaces from metals can be removed by draining the spa and cleaning with a light acid bath or other acidic surface cleaner. Consult the spa manufacturer recommendations for instructions on cleaning the spa surface.

Manganese must be removed differently, since it does not respond well to Stain & Scale Control. Slowly oxidise the spa water with Chlorinated Concentrate until the manganese falls out of solution. You will see the water discolour. Continuously filter the spa until the water clears, then clean the filter with SpaGuard Filter Brite.