Spa Cloudy Water

Cloudy water in spas can be due to many different things, but regardless of the reason, it is unpleasant and prevents you from fully enjoying your spa. See below for information on different causes and solutions for cloudy water.

Poor filtration:

Very often, cloudy water is blamed on poor water chemistry, and more chemicals are added to try to clear it up. However, the most common cause of cloudy water is poor filtration. This can be due to not cleaning the filter frequently enough, not running the pump enough hours, and not preventing obstructions to circulation in the spa. If the cartridge filter is not being chemically cleaned periodically, oil and dirt build up on it that rinsing does not remove. Dirty filters cannot properly remove insoluble waste. Clean the cartridge periodically with SpaGuard Filter Brite and rinse off debris weekly. Quick Clear or Polysheen Concentrate can be used to aid in the removal of smaller particles that the filter can’t always get.

Low sanitiser level:

Low sanitiser levels can allow bacterial growth. Even if the sanitiser level only drops temporarily, at that point, bacteria can gain a foothold. After some bacteria multiply, it takes more than just regular maintenance levels of a sanitiser to keep it in check. Test your sanitiser level frequently. If the sanitiser level drops, even for a short period, shock the spa with Spa Lite, Brominating Concentrate or Chlorinated Concentrate to increase the sanitiser level and help eliminate more prolific growths of bacteria. After shocking, if you still cannot maintain normal sanitiser levels, see the instructions for extensive bacterial growth.

Build-up of undesirable compounds:

If the spa is not being shocked often enough, the compounds that enter the water from bathers and other outside sources begin to build up. The filter can’t remove all of this waste, and it is usually too much for the sanitiser to remove. Shocking will help eliminate these compounds.

Poor water balance:

High total alkalinity, pH and/or calcium hardness can cause cloudy water. Adjust the water balance according to ALEX recommendations based on whether Perfect Balance is being used or not.