Small-Celled Green Algae

Clear green water normally indicates metals. However, if metals do not test positive and product has been added for metals and the water is still green, it could be small-celled green algae. This algae growth is so tiny that it makes the water appear clear green rather than clouding it, which is common for the other algae types.

To kill small-celled green algae:

  1. Add 2 bags of Burn Out Extreme via the skimmer.
  2. Apply Quick Clear according to label instructions for your filter type and size.

  3. Circulate the water continuously.

  4. Backwash when needed for the next 24 hours. If you do not need to backwash during this time, backwash after 24 hours to remove the Quick Clear.

  5. Clean the filter with Filter Brite.