New Concrete or Tiled Pool

New calcium-enriched surfaces (e.g. concrete, Pebblecrete®, Quartzon®, tiled pools with grout, etc.) go through a curing process for several weeks. During this time, the pool must be brushed frequently and the water balance will change and have to be adjusted. When a calcium-enriched surface cures, it causes the pH to go up, and if it is not adjusted often, can cause scale build-up on the pool surface.

After the pool has been filled, perform a complete water analysis and balance according to ALEX recommendations. If the builder or manufacturer recommends different water balance levels for the concrete/grout curing process, follow their recommendations. Check the pH daily for the first couple of weeks after a new concrete/grouted job, and make adjustments as necessary. Follow your builder manufacturer’s recommendations for brushing and caring for the new concrete/grouted surface during the first few weeks.