Converting from Salt Chlorination to Bromination

Bromination is similar to chlorination, but there are some major differences. Hypobromous acid cannot be stabilized, and at higher residuals, stabiliser can sometimes decrease the activity of the brominating products. For optimal performance, a stabiliser level of 25 ppm or lower is recommended. In order to reduce the stabiliser level, it is necessary to perform a partial drain. Check with the manufacturer or installer to make sure that draining the pool will not damage the structure.

You must have a brominator installed to use Brominating Tablets as the sanitiser. You cannot use a Chlorinator or a skimmer feed method for Brominating Tablets.

Test the total bromine residual often during the first two weeks following the conversion and shock the pool with Burn Out 35 as needed until a total bromine residual of 2 – 4 ppm (residential) can be maintained consistently. (Proper residuals for commercial pools are 4 – 6 ppm.)