Converting from Ionisation to Chlorination of Bromination

  1. Remove the ionisation unit from the pool.
  2. Test the copper residual.
  3. Add Scale Inhibitor according to label instructions. (Scale Inhibitor is being applied instead of Pool Magnet to allow the pool to be shocked within 48 hours.)
  4. After applying Scale Inhibitor, wait 48 hours, then add Quick Clear to the filter to remove the metals from the water. Wait 24 hours, then backwash the Quick Clear away.
  5. After adding Quick Clear, add 2 bags (800 grams) of Burn Out 35 or 1 bag (600 grams) of Burn Out Extreme per 50,000 litres.
  6. Continue to reapply Quick Clear until all the copper is removed.
  7. If necessary, establish a 40 ppm cyanuric acid level by adding Stabiliser according to label instructions. Make any other necessary balancing adjustments according to ALEX water analysis recommendations.
  8. Fill your chlorinator or brominator and turn on the water flow through the unit, or for chlorinating products, you may put sticks or tablets in the skimmer. You may now begin regular maintenance for a chlorinated or brominated pool.