Black Algae Algizine Procedure

  1. Brush visible algae vigorously. Remember that it is necessary to remove the protective exoskeleton from the top of the algae growth.
  2. With the pump running, add 1 bag of Burn Out Extreme per 50,000 litres or 150 grams of Burn Out 35 per 10,000 litres.
  3. Circulate for one hour to disperse the product evenly.
  4. Test the free chlorine residual or the total bromine residual. If the chlorine residual is less than 1.0 ppm, or the bromine residual is less than 2.0 ppm, repeat from Step 2.
  5. Brush the entire pool thoroughly.
  6. Remove the skimmer basket and clean out any debris. With the basket out, pour 200 mL of Algizine per 10,000 litres through the skimmer with the pump running.
  7. Replace the skimmer basket and circulate the pool continuously for 72 hours. It is very important to maintain a free chlorine residual between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm or total bromine residual of between 2.0 and 6.0 ppm throughout the treatment. If necessary, boost the residual with small amounts of Burn Out Extreme or Burn Out 35.
  8. After 72 hours, brush and vacuum the pool and clean the filter with Filter Brite.

DO NOT superchlorinate until the Algizine procedure is completed.  Raising the chlorine residual above 5.0 ppm or the bromine residual above 10.0 ppm could destroy the Simazine component of the Algizine, leading to reduced efficacy against the algae