BioGuard Stingy Sticks

Stingy Sticks are a slow-dissolving compressed trichlor sanitiser that can be used in automatic feeders and some floaters for constant chlorination.  Whilst they can be used in skimmers, BioLab recommend against this as equipment and vinyl liners may be subjected to a “hot spot” of heavily chlorinated and acidic water when the pump is turned on after a period of rest.  Stingy Sticks are totally soluble and will not cloud the water. Used according to label instructions, Stingy Sticks provide a slow, steady release of chlorinating product to maintain an adequate free chlorine residual.

To use Stingy Sticks:

  1. Perform a complete water analysis and balance according to ALEX recommendations.
  2. For automatic feeders and floaters, fill with Stingy Sticks and adjust the flow rate or dissolution rate as necessary to maintain a 1.5 – 3.0 ppm chlorine residual. As a guide, 1 – 2 Stingy Sticks will satisfy the sanitiser needs of most 20,000-litre pools.
  3. Run pump 8 – 12 hours per day for best results. Do not turn pump off for more than 16 hour intervals in pools with bleachable surfaces.
  4. Replenish weekly or as often as necessary to maintain a presence of sticks in the feeder or floater continuously. Do not wait until sticks have completely dissolved to replace.

NOTE: Avoid physical contact with product. Follow safety information on label instructions. Open in a well ventilated area. Avoid breathing fumes. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.