BioGuard Oxy-Clear Pool Shock

Oxy-Clear Pool Shock is a fast-dissolving, totally soluble non-chlorine shock product. It oxidises undesirable compounds such as suntan oils, cosmetics and debris without raising the free chlorine residual. Oxy-Clear keeps water clean and sparkling, and in chlorinated pools, allows swimming to resume just 15 minutes after application. Oxy-Clear can also be used in brominated pools. Due to the nature of brominating products, Oxy-Clear will temporarily raise the total bromine residual. Oxy-Clear is easy to use, requires no pre-dissolving and does not cloud the water. Use weekly for maintenance. Do not use in biguanide pools.

To use Oxy-Clear Pool Shock:

For first time use, add 250 grams of Oxy-Clear per 10,000 litres directly to the pool with the pump running. Brush up any undissolved product in colder weather.

For weekly use, add 125 grams of Oxy-Clear per 10,000 litres.

NOTE: Avoid physical contact with product. Do not store near petroleum products. Follow safety information on label instructions. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.