BioGuard Balance Pak 100

Balance Pak 100 is a soluble total alkalinity increaser that eliminates pH bounce and raises total alkalinity. It is safe to use in all pool types. Balancing total alkalinity protects the pH from being influenced by factors such as rain, bather load, and other chemical applications. It also prevents equipment damage from corrosion and surface damage such as plaster etching or vinyl liner wrinkling.

To use Balance Pak 100:

To apply Balance Pak 100, follow your ALEX water analysis recommendations.

If you have not performed a complete water analysis, 180 grams of Balance Pak 100 per 10,000 litres will raise the total alkalinity 10 ppm. The ideal range of total alkalinity is 80 – 125 ppm for concrete and tiled pools, and 125 – 150 ppm for all other surfaces. If large amounts are required (more than 480 grams per 10,000 litres) and metals are present, divide dosage into thirds and pre-dissolve before addition.

Add Balance Pak 100 directly to the pool with the pump running. Brush up any undissolved product.

NOTE: Avoid physical contact with product. Follow safety information on label instructions. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.