BioGuard Algizine

Algizine is a unique non-metallic pool algaecide that aids in the cleanup of green and black spot algae deposits when used according to label directions with chlorinating or brominating products. It is highly effective against chlorine- and copper-resistant species like Chlamydomonas. Algizine is near pH-neutral and non-foaming.

To use Algizine:

  1. With the pump running, add 1 bag of Lite per 50,000 litres or 150 grams of Burn Out 35 per 10,000 litres according to label directions. Do not add more than this amount at one time as this will decrease product effectiveness. Wait at least one hour.
  2. Test the chlorine residual. If it is less than 1.0 ppm, repeat Step 1. The chlorine residual must be maintained from 1.0 – 3.0 ppm during the entire process for Algizine to be effective. Do not exceed a chlorine residual of 5.0 ppm as this will greatly decrease product effectiveness.
  3. Brush the entire pool surface thoroughly.
  4. Shake Algizine well before using.
  5. Mix 150 mL per 10,000 litres of Algizine for light algal growths, or 200 mL per 10,000 litres for heavy algal growths, in a bucket of clean water and apply the slurry evenly around the edges of the pool with the filter running.
  6. Circulate continuously for 72 hours or until algae deposits are no longer visible.
  7. Maintain at least 1.0 ppm chlorine or 2.3 ppm bromine residual throughout this 72 hours period. Do not superchlorinate until the process is complete – it will decrease product effectiveness.
  8. Backwash the filter after completion of cleaning process. Do not backwash onto plants or lawns, as the Simazine component in the Algizine can kill plants and grass.
  9. 72 hours after the Algizine application use Quick Clear to help aid the filter in removing deposits. In extreme cases if algae persists, repeat cleaning process after 4 – 5 days.

Avoid physical contact with product. Follow safety information on label instructions. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.