Automatic Chlorinators

MA Chlorinators – General Information

The height in inches of the MA Chlorinator is the same as its model number. For example, the MA-35 is 35 inches (89 cm) tall.

The MA 18 holds 7 kg of tablets and chlorinates up to 285,000 litres.

The MA 35 holds 15 kg of tablets and chlorinates up to 700,000 litres.

The MA 48 holds 68 kg of tablets and chlorinates up to 1.9 million litres.

Troubleshooting MA Chlorinators – Common Questions and Answers

Flow meter will not register

The scoop on the flow meter must be pointing the correct direction to catch water and force it up through the flow meter. If the flow meter is screwed in incorrectly and is positioned backward or sideways against the flow of water in the line, water can’t enter the flow meter and it won’t register. To ensure the scoop is correctly positioned, there are directional arrows at the base of the flow meter. As the meter is screwed into the pipe, the arrow should point in the direction of the water flow.

Chlorinator will not fill completely or at all

If the chlorinator will not fill, there is no pressure differential. It is very important to have something in between “pick up” and “return”. A heater is ideal, but if there is none, and the piping runs straight without elbows, a gate valve may be needed to slightly close off the line between the two points. In some cases, even this will not be sufficient. This happens in cases of PVC pipes larger than 2 inches. For these cases, install the flow meter prior to the filter, after the pump.

Types of chlorine that can be used in the MA chlorinator

BioGuard Swim TabsStingy Sticks or Pacific Blue Power Tabs are recommended. Do not use Smart Sticks in MA Chlorinators. Due to the difference in dissolution rate and necessary water flow, they usually will not chlorinate sufficiently in the MA. Other brands of chlorine may contain binders that can clog the chlorinator lines.

Drill bit sizing for installation

A 17/32 ” drill bit is called for in the installation instructions. This is not too large a hole for the 3/8″ NPT tap. The NPT taps are sized slightly larger.

Use of Bromine in an MA chlorinator

Brominating Tablets cannot be used in MA chlorinators. The slower dissolving characteristics of Brominating Tablets require larger pots and tubing to send enough brominated water to the pool to maintain the residual. We recommend the BioLab Brominators for bromine tablet application.

Installation instructions

MA Installation

[Scan installation manual and insert]

The flow meter should be screwed into the recirculation system immediately after the filter in a vertical position. (This prevents clogging from unfiltered water.) The tubing at the top of the flow meter goes into the bottom hole of the MA pot. Tubing from the top of the pot is placed back into the recirculation system as far downstream as possible. (Water must be put into the MA pot faster than it goes out.) To ensure adequate flow, put the flex line outward into the return line.