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Product Features:

  • Liquid sequestering agent.

  • Prevents formation of crystalline calcium carbonate in salt pools.

  • Helps prevent scale build-up from high calcium levels.

  • Helps remove some scale build-up.

  • Easy to use.

  • When applied according to label instructions, product may remain active for up to 4 weeks.


  • Helps prevent costly repair bills.

  • Helps prevent serious damage to pool surface and equipment.

Application Instructions - Initial Treatment:

  1. Backwash filter according to manufacturer’s directions.

  2. Apply 250 mL of Salt Pool Stain & Scale Control per 10,000 litres to deep end of pool with pump running.

  3. Circulate 24 - 48 hours continually after application.

  4. Swimming can resume immediately after treatment.

Application Instructions - Maintenance:

  • With pump running, add 125 mL of Salt Pool Stain & Scale Control per 10,000 litres of water once a month. Maintenance doses should be applied for pools in areas where excessive hardness or metals cause frequent scale formation or staining (e.g. pools filled using bore water).

Available Sizes:

  • 1-litre bottles

NOTE: Avoid physical contact with product. Follow safety information on label Instructions. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.