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Application Instructions:

  1. Adjust pH to 7.4 - 7.6.

  2. When the pool is not in use, broadcast 1 bag (450 grams) of BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle per 50,000 litres directly into the deep end of the pool with the pump running.  For pools with bleachable surfaces, pre-dissolve in a bucket of clean water before applying to the pool.

  3. Give special attention to apply product to the areas of the pool where circulation is the poorest. Do not add through the skimmer.

  4. Swimming may resume 15 minutes after application.

  5. Use every week as maintenance.

*Additional treatments may be required after periods of heavy pool usage, significant rainfall or cloudy water. If a pool exhibits a need for the introduction of more than 3 ppm of free available chlorine, this should be accomplished with Burn Out Extreme or Burn Out 35, not Salt Pool Sparkle.

Available Sizes:

NOTE: Avoid physical contact with product. Do not store near petroleum products. Follow safety information on label Instructions. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.