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Converting from Biguanide to Chlorination or Bromination

There are three methods to choose from for converting from SoftSwim®, Baquacil® or other biguanide systems to chlorinating or brominating products. Click below for general instructions on using each method.

Converting by Draining

A complete drain is often the easiest, quickest, and least expensive way to convert from biguanide. However, many pools cannot be drained due to potential vinyl deformation (wrinkling, tearing, or other damage) or water table considerations. If draining is an option, follow these guidelines for converting the pool to Chlorine.

Converting Using Chlorinating Products

This method involves chlorinating the water with some special guidelines. This method is often the messiest, (the chlorinating product will react with the biguanide and discolour the water and create a precipitate), but it may take slightly less time than the monopersulfate method.

Converting Using Monopersulfate

Oxy-Clear Pool Shock will eliminate the biguanide from the water and may create a slight green haze or cloudiness.

In all the methods above, some residual green discolouration may be present. Shocking the pool each day with Burn Out 35 for approximately one week may be necessary to eliminate all chlorine demand and clear the water.