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Easy Pools and Spa

Scale is a rough sand paper like deposit, which can coat the walls of your pool and clog your pipes, filters, and or heaters.  Ensuring your water is correctly balanced, and using Bio Guard Scale Inhibitor or Bio Guard Salt Pool Stain and Scale Control, can also  prevent and reduce scale formation and protect your equipment.  An initial dose followed by a small weekly top up dose to maintain  protection is all that is required.

3 Step Maintanance Program

Allows you to maintain safe, sparkling, algae - free water with either  Step 1 being your  Salt Chlorinator providing adequate amounts of sanitiser, and Step 2 the addition of a bag of Salt Pool Sparkle  once a week, to oxidise and remove swimmer wastes so your pool water sparkles and Step 3 the weekly addition of a small amount of Salt Pool Protector to give you algae- free water.

If you are using Smart Sticks, the weekly addition in your skimmer basket of 2 or 3 sticks will provide adequate amounts of sanitiser, similar to a salt chlorinator  and Step 2 the addition of a bag of Lite  once a week,  to oxidise and remove swimmer wastes so your pool  water sparkles and Step 3 the weekly adddition of a small amount of Back-Up 11 algae inhibitor to give you algae-free water.

The 3 Step Program uses three functions:sanitising,oxidising and algae prevention that act synergistically to achieve much more together than what they could do individually  and hence saving you time and money and maximising the useage of your pool because it always looks fresh clean and inviting.