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BioGuard Smart Sticks and Salt Pool Sticks are a chlorine compound which effectively kill and control bacteria and other microorganisms in swimming pool water. When Smart Sticks dissolve in water, they release free available chlorine (HOCl) which is a proven bactericide. Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks are a stabilised, organic chlorine compound. which is made up of two active constituents trichloroisocyanuric acid and Smart Guard.

The chemical trichloroisocyanuric acid is 100% trichloroisocyanuric acid. This product per kg has available chlorine content of 90% strength. Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks however are 97.5% trichloroisocyanuric acid. The other 2.5% of the Stick is the unique, patented ingredient Smart Guard. Therefore Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks per kg have an available chlorine content of 87.5% strength. Smart Guard controls the erosion rate or Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks so the product lasts approximately 1 week in the skimmer. This means the application of the product is only done on a weekly basis for maximum convenience, ease of use and stability of chlorine residuals. This unique, patented ingredient more than compensates for the slight reduction in available chlorine content.


Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks are applied through the skimmer basket. The unique Smart Guard ingredient stops the dissolving of product once the pump cycles off so there is no wasted chlorine and no chance of bleaching surfaces or damaging equipment. Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks make skimmer chlorination possible for all pools with a skimmer box.


Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks are solid, cylindrical compressed sticks (length 75 mm, diameter 48 mm, weight - 225 grams) which are extremely slow dissolving (twice as slow as other compressed chlorine products). This provides the most consistent and reliable release of chlorine into the pool water meeting the goal of 24-hour protection for the bathers.



1. Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks are completely and totally soluble which means they dissolve completely and leave no residues to cloud water.

2. Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks are a stabilised form of chlorine which means the chlorine residuals resist degradation from the U-V rays of the sun so less product is required.

3. Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks have a pH of 2.9 (1% solution). They impart very little downward pressure on pH, due to the extremely slow dissolving nature of the stick and the small amount of product required to maintain pool water.

4. Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks are one of the strongest forms of chlorine available for residential pools and provide the most economy to pool owners.

5. Salt Pool Sticks are ideal in salt pools as a chlorine boost when bather load is high. They also add a little stabiliser and offer a slight counter to the high pH created by the salt chlorinator.



Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks, as a very slow dissolving chlorine product, do not have specific dosage rates which can be followed like that of granular products. In general, a pool will use approximately 8 - 10 grams of Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks per 10,000 Litres per day. Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks are applied by placing the required number of sticks in the skimmer basket.


To start, use 1 Smart Stick per 20,000 Litres in 28°C water. For Salt Pools, use 1 Salt Pool Stick per 40,000 litres in 28°C water.


Management of chlorine output is controlled by the number of Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks placed in the skimmer basket. Always establish a chlorine residual first using Burn Out or Burn Out 35 (but not Lite) and then use Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks to maintain the residual between 1 and 3 ppm. Do not use Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks to create a chlorine residual from nil.


Off season: If filtering for less than 8-10 hours or water temperature is below 20°C, Smart Sticks/ Salt Pool Sticks will last for more than one week. It may be necessary to put additional Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks in the skimmer so that the extra surface area will allow a sufficient chlorine residual to be maintained.


Precautionary Notes

1. Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks should never be applied directly into the swimming pool.

2. Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks are ideal for all types of outdoor swimming pools and ideal for pool owners who prefer to apply chlorine occasionally (i.e. weekly) as opposed to daily.

3. Pools with an in-line trichlor feeder should continue to use Stingy Sticks or Swim Tabs.

4. Smart Sticks/Salt Pool Sticks should not be used in trichlor feeders or floaters. Use only in skimmers.


The above information is supplied by Bio-Lab and represents its best interpretation of available technical information at the time of preparation. The sole purpose is to supply factual information to Bio-Lab customers. It is not to be taken out of context nor used as support for any other claim not made herein.