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There are many different surfaces for pools and spas and even more possible types of stains and debris. Removal requires knowledge of cleaning products and procedures.

For any product, whether used in the pool or in the house, ALWAYS READ and FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. Some products may ask you to test an isolated spot for compatibility, but this is a good idea for all products. Remember, all surfaces are not the same and cleaning products can react differently to various surfaces.


  • DO NOT use any household cleaners on pool and spa surfaces. DO use cleaners which have specific instructions for their use and are formulated for swimming pool and spa surfaces.
  • DO NOT use cleaners without some idea of the type of stain or debris to be removed.
  • DO test isolated spots, if you are unsure of the nature of a stain, to determine the type of stain and the best cleaner for the job.
  • DO NOT apply any cleaner unless you know the type of surface on which you are working.
  • DO read directions and follow them carefully. Be aware of all warning statements.
  • DO NOT, unless otherwise specified, leave cleaning agents on any surface for extended periods.
  • DO rinse all exposed surfaces thoroughly, with mild scrubbing if necessary.
  • DO NOT use abrasive pads or brushes, steel wool, pumice stone, or any applicator which could scratch or abrade vinyl or tile surfaces. Vinyl and tile surfaces have protective coatings which could be removed by excessive scrubbing.
  • DO use soft vinyl brushes, sponges, cloths or similar items to apply cleaners and remove stains and debris.


For most stains on all swimming pool surfaces, a mildly alkaline cleaner should be tried first. These cleaners are best for common scum lines, oils and greases, organic (leaves, etc.) and other accumulated debris. Acidic cleaners are better on metal stains and scale accumulations.


Bio-Lab pool products are formulated for use in swimming pools and spas. If used properly and according to directions, these cleaners can provide effective removal of most fresh stains.


The above information is supplied by Bio-Lab and represents its best interpretation of available technical information at the time of preparation. The sole purpose is to supply factual information to Bio-Lab customers. It is not to be taken out of context nor used as support for any other claim not made herein.