Two major factors must be considered when converting from chlorine disinfection to bromine disinfection. The first is that a Brominator Chemical Dispensing Device must be used to introduce the bromochlorodimethylhydantoin (BCDMH) into the pool. Due to the difference in solubility between chlorine tablets and BCDMH, a chlorinator is not suitable to introduce sufficient bromine into the pool. The second factor to consider is that cyanuric Acid has no stabilising effect on bromine. In fact, levels above 25 ppm can actually inhibit the efficacy of bromine. Pools should be drained to a sufficient level to lower the cyanuric acid level below 25 ppm before converting to bromine. To calculate the amount of water to drain, use the following formula:


Amount of water to drain to achieve the desired stabiliser level =



These are the two factors which must be considered when converting from chlorine to bromine. Once you have converted to bromine, it is important to maintain the proper levels of sanitiser for your particular application.


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