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The accompanying charts provide the output rates for Bio-Lab Brominators and Chlorinators. In approving a particular feeder for a commercial installation, the level of free available chlorine supplied by the feeder in a given period of time (either 8 hours or 24 hours) is often a critical factor. These charts will allow the determination of the halogen supplied by the various feeders at several flow rates. Note that the Brominator Feed Rate Chart provides the output in terms of free available bromine. If it is necessary to convert this output to equivalent level of free available chlorine, divide the pertinent number in the table by 2.25. Also note that the output rates for all feeders are based on using 1" (25-mm) tablets - trichloroisocyanuric acid tablets (eg. BioGuard Swim Tabs) in the chlorinators and BCDMH tablets (eg. SpaGuard Brominating Tablets) in the brominators. Different outputs will occur if different products are utilised. Use of stick products (eg. BioGuard Stingy Sticks) in a chlorinator will result in lower outputs from the units if all other conditions are held the same. The temperature of the pool water for these charts is taken as 27°C. As water temperature increases, output increases.


Table 1 - Feed Rates for Bio-Lab Brominators - Kilograms of Free Available Bromine per 24 Hours at 27°C




Table 2 - Feed Rates for Bio-Lab MA Chlorinators - Kilograms of Free Available Chlorine per 24 Hours at 27°C



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