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The formulation for BioGuard Back-Up Algae Inhibitor has been changed to provide better stability in cold storage conditions as well efficacy equal to or better than the previous formula. The basic structure, found in all quaternary algaecides, remains the same. By increasing the branched nature of the chain portion of the molecule, the new formulation provides advantages.

First, the hydrophobic nature of the molecule is reduced. This results in less foaming and improved stability in cold storage. "Less" and "improved" are relative terms. Foaming can still occur and will occur, if levels of algaecide are too high or jetted returns are present. Storage at temperatures below 0°C should be avoided.

Secondly, this branched chain has proven to have excellent efficacy. The quantity of the quaternary algaecide needed to provide algaestatic and algaecidal activity will be established and maintained when label directions are followed. This efficacy was proven against three different strains of algae. When our renewal for the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for the 3-Step Program was reviewed by Good Housekeeping, this efficacy data was an integral part of receiving this renewal. Note that the improvement in the cold storage stability is of such importance that a patent application has been filed on this point. Back-Up continues to provide excellent algae prevention for BioGuard consumers while now having improved cold storage stability.

The above information is supplied by Bio-Lab and represents its best interpretation of available technical information at the time of preparation. The sole purpose is to supply factual information to Bio-Lab customers. It is not to be taken out of context nor used as support for any other claim not made herein.