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In the last ten years, many innovations have occurred in spa designs, equipment, surfaces and water treatment programs.


One equipment design has provided savings for owners by utilising a small circulation pump to move the spa water on a continuous basis, providing 24 hour per day circulation and filtration. This provides a cleaner spa without having to cycle the large jet pump to achieve filtration. In designs utilising a circulation pump, the jet pump is operated only when the spa is in use, and is designed to provide hydrotherapy benefits to the bather.


During normal operation, this circulation pump generates a small amount of heat. This heat is actually beneficial to the spa’s normal operation; however, during the application process of Perfect Balance, there is sufficient heat generated by this pump to cause rapid precipitation of any calcium present in the water. Although this precipitation of the calcium is the desired effect of the Perfect Balance, under the correct conditions it is designed to allow for a slow controlled precipitation which can easily be filtered out by the spa’s jet pump filtration system.


So how do you apply Perfect Balance to a spa with this type of pumping set up and avoid precipitation in areas which are troublesome?



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