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BioGuard Pacific Blue is a blended patented controlled time-release trichloroisocyanuric acid tablet designed to kill and control bacteria, help prevent algae growth and enhance water clarity and quality for the pool owner. The intent of this Technical information Bulletin is to inform the pool owner and retailer of what BioGuard Pacific Blue tablets are, how they work, application methods, features and benefits of the product.

Product Characteristics

  • Shape: Rectangular tablet
  • Colour: Blue
  • Weight: 125 grams
  • Available Chlorine: 66.6%
  • Unique Composition:
    • Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (Trichlor): 72.6%
    • Clarifier: 18.2%
    • Algae Preventative: 7.4%
    • Time Release Membrane: 1.8%

The unique blended formula, product shape, size and weight delivers the same, if not better, sanitising results in direct comparison to all other forms of trichloroisocyanuric acid tablets by using less chlorine. How is this so?

Over a period of time, organic contaminants and fine particulates accumulate in swimming pool water making the pool water both dull/flat looking and uncomfortable to swimmers. These contaminates are microscopic and have a tendency to pass straight through the filter media. The only way these contaminates can be removed is by oxidation; since chlorine is a non-selective oxidant, it gets used up trying to remove all contaminants. The clarifier in Pacific Blue agglomerates (gathers together) the fine microscopic particulate and organic matter, making these particles larger so that they become in trapped in the filter media reduced the demand placed on chlorine.

Algae in both a dormant (invisible) and blooming (visible) state is another consumer of chlorine and requires carbon dioxide (one of the nutrients) to grow and flourish. The algae preventative in Pacific Blue reduces the carbon dioxide in the pool water, restricting algae’s ability to grow and flourish and, thus, further reducing the demand on chlorine.

Application and dosage rates also play a large role in how effective and economical the chlorine will be. The patented time-release membrane is designed to dissolve Pacific Blue tablets more slowly and uniformly than other tablets. Their unique shape means that Pacific Blue can be applied by using a floater, automatic feeder or pool skimmer, making this product by far the most advanced, easy and economical way of sanitising pool water.

The unique blended formula makes this product safer to store and handle in comparison to other tablets. It does not require the Category 5.1 Hazardous Goods Oxidising Diamond. The product complies with the United Nations DOT Test TP163 for Oxidising Solids, based on UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Manual of Tests and Criteria, 2nd Revised Edition (1995), Test 0.1.


1. Prior to dosing the pool, it is recommended that for maximum results:

  • The filtration system be backwashed and/or properly cleaned.
  • The pool be initially stabilised to minimise chlorine losses due to sunlight.

2. 1 tablet per 15,000 to 20,000 litres.
3.Place tablets into skimmer box, floating dispenser or fill automatic chlorinator. If using in a dispensing device of feeder, use only one designated for trichloroisocyanuric acid tablets. Once device is filled with tablets, regulate release of chlorine with control valve or other alternative to meet required chlorine levels. Do not drop tablets directly into pool. The rate of dissolving will be effected by water flow rate, water temperature, and the number of bathers. The recommended free chlorine level of 1 to 3ppm should be maintained several hours prior and during swimming activity.

Features and Benefits

The above information is supplied by Bio-Lab and represents its best interpretation of available technical information at the time of preparation. The sole purpose is to supply factual information to Bio-Lab customers. It is not to be taken out of context nor used as support for any other claim not made herein.