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Perfect Balance is a phosphate buffering product designed to help stabilise pH in spas. This buffer maintains the pH in the proper 7.2 to 7.6 range for an extended period of time and softens water through removal of both calcium and magnesium. Perfect Balance is formulated to provide corrosion inhibition in the softened water and will establish the proper pH, independent of the water balance conditions of the fill water, except when the total  alkalinity exceeds 150 ppm and pH exceeds 7.6. The method for use of Perfect Balance in this situation will be explained later in this bulletin.


Perfect Balance will react with and drop out virtually all calcium and magnesium present in the water. This may cloud the water temporarily. This is normal and most of it will be removed by the filter. Operate the pump for 24 hours and clean the filter at the end of this time. In cases in which the calcium hardness is greater than 150 ppm add 40 ml per 1,000 litres for every 10 ppm of Calcium Hardness above 150 ppm. Again operate the pump for 24 hours, then repeat filter cleaning.


NOTE: It is extremely important that the heater is not heating the water when the Perfect Balance is added. The heater should be off and remain turned off until the spa has cleared from any cloudiness which may have developed as Perfect Balance precipitated the calcium. Keeping the heater turned off will provide the best environment for Perfect Balance to stabilise the pH.


With calcium essentially eliminated, scaling is no longer a potential problem and the absence of calcium may also help reduce the scum line build-up in spas. Corrosion is not a concern as Perfect Balance is formulated with fieldproven corrosion inhibitors.


A small percentage of the precipitate is too fine to be removed by the filter, will remain in the water, and will produce a low residual calcium level. This will result in a reading of between 10 to 30 ppm calcium hardness (15 to 40 ppm total hardness). It causes the endpoint to "stretch out" and can lead to a false reading. Do not be concerned with calcium hardness readings on Perfect Balance treated spas. Testing with test strips will often indicate even higher levels of calcium hardness. Disregard these readings.


If the total alkalinity of the fill water exceeds 150 ppm and the pH is above 7.6, it will be necessary to add Lo'N'Slo®. The quantity necessary to bring the pH to 7.4 should be added and the spa allowed to circulate for one hour before adding Perfect Balance. If this adjustment is not made total alkalinity and pH will remain at unacceptably high levels. While elevated pH values are not as critical in bromine sanitised systems, a spa sanitised with chlorine will experience less efficient sanitation with pH values above 7.8.


The use of low pH sanitisers and oxidisers such as Bromine Tablets will result in a more rapid loss of the buffering capacity of Perfect Balance than with Chlorinating Concentrate. The recommended sanitising and shocking compounds which will provide the most effective results with Perfect Balance is Chlorinating Concentrate. Although other products will work with Perfect Balance, the longevity of Perfect Balance is reduced.


Balancing the Saturation Index is not required if the spa is using Perfect Balance. The ALEX software balancing recommendations WILL NOT apply to spas using this product. Any recommendations for calcium hardness or normal total alkalinity adjustments should be disregarded for Perfect Balance treated spas only.


If the spa is not drained at least every 60 days, it is recommended that the product be reapplied every 60 days. This addition of Perfect Balance will not require any extra filter cleaning above the routine cleaning normally needed to maintain good filtration. If freshening spa water weekly, also add Perfect Balance on a weekly basis at the rate of 25ml per 1000 litres.




Increased foaming may be observed in spas utilising enzyme products or fragrances. Should this occur, Antifoam will alleviate the foaming problem. If a spa treated with Perfect Balance continues to produce additional white precipitate more that 24 hours after the last addition of Perfect Balance, this may indicate the Perfect Balance is not performing as expected. If this occurs, contact Technical Services for further information on handling this situation.


Remember, this product is not to be used in hot tubs, plaster (gunite) spas or in spas with tiles surfaces. The product is designed to combine the calcium and will pull calcium from the walls of the gunite spa or from the grout between the tiles. This product is not compatible with spas run on the Baquacil product.


The above information is supplied by Bio-Lab and represents its best interpretation of available technical information at the time of preparation. The sole purpose is to supply factual information to Bio-Lab customers. It is not to be taken out of context nor used as support for any other claim not made herein.