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The instruction manual that is supplied with the MA Series of automatic chlorinators originates in the United States. As such, the section titled "Sizing the MA Chlorinator" expresses mass flow rates in pounds per hour, volumes in gallons and temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit. The following uses the metric equivalents; the rest of the text remains unchanged.

Sizing the MA Chlorinator

The MA Chlorinator is available in both residential and commercial sizes. Models include:


  • MA18B (without flow meter) for residential pools up to 285,000 litres.
  • MA18B-FM (NSF Listed) for residential pools up to 285,000 litres.
  • MA35B-FM (NSF Listed) for residential pools up to 700,000 litres.

NOTE: Multiple units may be installed in parallel (each individually) to increase output and pool volume to be accommodated. Check local Health Department regulations on output and capacity for commercial pools in your area.


For even larger pools, our MA48 (NSF Listed) is available. It treats up to 1,900,000 litres.


The chart below indicates the NSF-rated output for both the MA18 and MA35 units based on various flow meter settings. Output assumes the use of trichlor tablets, a pH of 7.4 - 7.6 and pool water temperature of 27°C. Higher water temperatures will increase chlorine output. The use of slower dissolving chlorine sticks lower chlorine output. Chlorine mass indicated in this chart has been adjusted to indicate 100% purity.




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